Business Alert

Business Alert helps you manage your business more easily and effectively. You can identify any business-critical issues early and resolve them and exercise better control over your Human Resources. 

Business Alert provides scheduling ability based on monitoring the HRPro database for critical, time-sensitive information, and sending out alert emails with the most timely data. 

For organizations that wish to realize the benefits of alert messaging across some or all of them, Business Alert is the answer.  

Business Alert supports scheduling and email delivery of user-definable queries. Email recipients can view the Email in HTML format without having to connect to HRPro. 

Business Alert can send emails to alert about any conditions in application data. 

Business Alert is under System Manager. To use Business Alert, you must Grant Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server.

Click the "+" button to add a new job for business Alert

The Job Name and Description are free to edit

This is the SQL Query Statement to retrieve the information from the database by given some conditions. See also: Business Alert/User Query Samples

This is the Recipients email address, the email subject, and the descriptive message that is free to amend.  If there are multiple recipients, you can use a semi-colon(;) to separate each email address. 

The content in Message supported Merge Code if the BA Job is defined to send the email to employees according to the Email Address in the database (Sending Business Alert Email Notification to email addresses contained in the database)  See Merge Code for Message in Business Alert.  

The last tab is the Schedule

This example will let Business Alert to send the alert every hour between 09:00 to 18:00.

This example will let Business Alert to send the alert Daily at 09:00.

This example will let Business Alert to send the alert on Monday 9:00 every week.

This example will let Business Alert to send the alert on 1st day of every month.

Click Save the save the business Alert Job. The Windows Task Scheduler will be updated automatically.

To manually update Windows Task Scheduler. Click the Windows Task Scheduler Button and select Schedule Tasks

Make sure advance access permission is granted to IIS.  See Allow Business Alert work with Windows Task Manager

Remove Tasks is to remove all Business Alert Tasks in Windows Task Scheduler.