How to set a regular report as Business Alert Job

1. Open the report control screen of the required report. Input additional conditions if necessary. Click the Hamburger Button, select Save as User Query.

2. Go to System Manager User Query, highlight the required Query, click the Edit button.

3. Highlight and Copy the Query to Clipboard.

4. Go to System ManagerBusiness Alert, click New button to create a new Business Alert Job. Input the Job Name and optionally input the Description and then click the Save and Continue button (Make sure Job Type is Query).

5. Paste the Query from clipboard into the Command tab. You can now optionally remove unnecessary columns or add additional columns and conditions.

6. Input your prefered Recipients and Schedule on the Recipients and Schedule tab respectively. Click the Save button to save the Business Alert Job.

7. When the scheduled time is come, the Recipient will receive the report from his email mailbox.