User Query

User Query is under System Manager

User Query enable the user to define a query to retrieve the data from the database using SQL statement and export the result to an Excel File or output to a Grid. 

User Query can be created either by designing a SQL query or created from Report Control (Save as User Query).

Highlight and click the "-" button to delete an existing query

Click Description to redirect to Report Control Page for conditions selection and output either to Excel or Grid.

Click the "+" button to add a new query. Click the green Edit button to edit an existing query.

User Query can view your self-created queries only unless you have Full Right or Full Function Rights (except User/Group Maintenance) defined in User Maintenance. In this case, you can view and maintain all queries created by other users. 

If the check-box Share Query is checked, even if you do not have Full Right or Full Function Rights, the query can be viewed or used by other HRPro users.

The query is similar to the query used in Business Alert. See Business Alert/User Query Samples