User Maintenance

Since HRPro supports multi-users, to create a new HRPro user, go to System ManagerUser Maintenance.

After creating the user account, the functions that this user can access can be set in this page, from Full Rights to tiny single function, or which User Group this user belongs to

Email is the Email Address for the Login Email Notification when Enable Login Email Notification in Personal Options is turned on

Full Function Rights (except User/Group Maintenance) is similar to Full Rights, except the user are not allow to access the User Maintenance and Group Maintenance. It is good for a user that assigned to manage a particualr company in HRPro with full rights but disallowed to manage other companies.

See How to register Web Client User License? to register user License.


You can also assign which companies this user authorized to access.


And which security group that the user belong to

The Effective Rights is the combination of the User Rights and Group Rights granted to that User.