System Manager Setup is on System Manager ⇒  HRPro Setup ⇒  System Manager Setup

System Manager Setup, General tab

System Manager

Display the Badge Counter on the menu.  A Badge counter is the count of outstanding items shown to users on the menu. 

None - No Badge counters are displayed. 

Item level - The Badge counters are displayed behind the menu item. 

Item level and Top level - The Badge counters are displayed behind the menu item as well as on the top level of the menu. 

Eventlog Retention Days are the maximum number of days that the Eventlog that kept in the system. 

Email Queue Retention Days are the maximum number of days that the Email Queue that kept in the system. 

Turn on Enable Manage Employees by Group check box to enable Manage Employees by Group

Turn on Enable Download in Database Backup to enable the download of the backup file to the client machine from Database Backup.  

Turn on Enable Upload in Database Restore to enable the upload of a backup file from the client machine to restore from Database Restore

(If you turn on Enable Download in Database Backup or Enable Upload in Database Restore, make sure the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) has proper rights to access the backup file in Backup Location. You may need to back up to a folder that IIS is allowed to access or change the Identity of the Application Pool of your website to LocalSystem. Visit Grant Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server to see how to change the Identity.).  

If Enable Download File Cabinet is turned on, all the files that you downloaded will have a copy to store in Download File Cabinet in System Manager

If Enabled Excel Autofilter for Export file is turned on, all the export files will add the Excel Autofilter feature to each column heading. (You can toggle on and off Autofilter in Excel using the shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + L). 


Usually, for designated columns in all Excel Reports, whenever there is no non-zero value on the column, the whole column will be deleted. If the option Hide instead of delete columns when zero total in Excel Reports is turned on, the hidden columns will be hidden rather than deleted. 

If the option Email Attachment requires a password is turned on, the email recipient is required to input his/her Employee Portal Password in order to open the PDF attachment. See Disable Attachment with a password when sending email document.


Turn on Enable CAPTCHA on the login page to enable CAPTCHA on the login page. See What is "Enable CAPTCHA on login page"? 

2-Step Verification is an optional security feature that added another layer of verification to the login process. When Enable 2-Step Verification is turned on, each time when the user logs in, the user will be asked to input the one-time passcode that sends to the user's email address (The User's Email Address is defined in User Maintenance). This helps prevent anyone else from accessing the user account without the user knowledge.  

If 2-Step Verification is set to Enable in Personal Options, 2-step verification can be turned on or off in Personal Options by the user. If 2-Step Verification is set to Disable, 2-step verification is disabled. If 2-Step Verification is set to Enforce, the login always required 2-step verification.

Password Policy

You can enforce the use of strong passwords through an appropriate password policy. These password policy settings control the complexity of passwords, such as the Passwords must meet complexity requirements policy setting. 

You can specify the following rules for passwords:

Please note that the password policy is defined in HRPro.config overrode these settings. 

System Manager Setup, Reminder Setup

Reminder Setup is to select which reminders appear in HRPro Reminder. 

Uncheck the active box if you do not wish that kind of reminder to appear in the reminder box. 

Depending on the hardware performance of your environment, the more reminders selected, the more time is required for the login.