HRPro Reminder

HRPro Reminder is under System Manager.

HRPro Reminder is to remind you any important events, so you will never miss any steps in your HR cycle.

The following reminders are available

  1. Payroll Batch not yet protected
  2. Payroll Batch not yet generated
  3. New Employee(s)
  4. Terminated Employee(s)
  5. MPF Enrollment Dead Line Employee(s)
  6. Probation End Employee(s)
  7. Contract End Employee(s)
  8. On Birthday Employee(s)
  9. Appraisal Employee(s)
  10. Employees Anniversary
  11. On Leave Employee(s) Today
  12. On Leave Employee(s)
  13. Public Holiday
  14. IR56B Batch not yet protected
  15. IR56E not yet printed
  16. IR56F/G not yet printed
  17. Backup Reminder
  18. Meet UDF11 (See User-defined Fields Setup)
  19. Meet UDF12 (See User-defined Fields Setup)
  20. Meet UDF13 (See User-defined Fields Setup)
  21. Meet UDF14 (See User-defined Fields Setup)
  22. Meet UDF15 (See User-defined Fields Setup)
  23. Age Reach 65 Employee(s)
  24. Group Anniversary (Anniversary based on Group Join Date or Join Date (if Group Join Date is empty))
  25. IR56M Batch not yet protected
  26. IR56F Batch not yet protected

Please go to System Manager > HRPro Setup > Reminder Setup to define which reminder you wish to display and the range you wish to display.

There is a check-box at the leftmost column, you can freely check it or uncheck it to indicated the reminder have been read or handled.

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