Company Setup, General tab

Company Setup, General tab is under System ManagerHRPro Setup, Company Setup.

This screen is to input the general information of the company as well as some general settings.

Company Information

The Email (HR) is to define the email address of the company's HR department that the email of the request of Update Personal Particulars in EPortal will be sent to.

When the Currency is inputted that is not HKD, the currency code will be printed on every Excel Reports after the Company Name. Which is only good for handle foreign currency company that does not required foreign or local regulation.

General Settings

Turn on Enable CAPTCHA on login page to enable CAPTCHA on login page. See What is "Enable CAPTCHA on login page"?

System Manager

Turn on Enable Manage Employees by Group check-box to enable Manage Employees by Group.

Turn on Enable Download in Database Backup to enable download the backup file to the client machine from Database Backup.

Turn on Enable Upload in Database Restore to enable upload a backup file from the client machine to restore from Database Restore.

(If you turn on Enable Download in Database Backup or Enable Upload in Database Restore, make sure the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) has proper rights to access the backup file in Backup Location. You may need to backup to a folder that IIS is allowed to access or change the Identity of the Application Pool of your web site to LocalSystem. Visit Grant Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server to see how to change the Identity.)


Usually, for designated columns in all Excel Reports, whenever there is no non-zero value on the column, the whole column will be deleted. If the option Hide instead of delete columns when zero total in Excel Reports is turned on, the hidden columns will be hidden rather than deleted.

If the option Email Attachment requires password is turned on, the email recipient required to input his/her Employee Portal Password in order to open the PDF attachment. See Disable Attachment with password when sending email document.

Master Management

If the option Global Working Hours/Roster Considers Appointment History is turned on, system considers the Global Working Hours/Roster in the Appointment History of the employee according to the required date rather than the Global Working Hours/Roster Code in Employee Master, HR Info tab.

If the option Assumed one Employee per Roster is turned on, the leave type of the Approved Leave of this employee will show on the Roster Table, Roster Update as well as Roster Assignment in Employee Portal.

If the option Enable Roster Location Assignment is turned on, you can assign not only Shift Code but Location to each day on the Roster Table and Roster Update.

Employee Master

Please refer Designing Employee Number Format to see how to define Auto Employee Number.

Default Probation Months is to define the number of months between Join Date and Probation End Date when creating a new employee.

Please refer How to enable USD Employee Salary Package to see how to enable USD Employee Salary Package.

Password Policy

You can enforce the use of strong passwords through an appropriate password policy. These password policy settings control the complexity of passwords, such as the Passwords must meet complexity requirements policy setting.

You can specify the following rules for passwords:

  • Minimum length for password

  • Password must contain lower case character

  • Password must contain upper case character

  • Password must contain digit

  • Password must contain symbol

Please note that the password policy defined in HRPro.config overrided these setting.

Company User-Defined Fields

You can define up to 15 Company User-Defined Fields to input specific information about the company that is not available from the standard input, e.g. Business Registration Number, Business Unit Code, Mother Company, etc.