IR56F (2018 Format) Check List

IR56F (2018 Format) Check List is under Taxation Menu ⇒ Taxation Reports

This screen is visible only if the check-box option Enable IR56F 2018 Format (Old Format) in Taxation Module Setup is turned on.

Report Columns

  • Tax Year
  • Employer Code
  • IR Type
  • Employee No
  • Employee Name
  • Cessation Date
  • Employment Period
  • Salary/Wages
  • Leave Pay
  • Commission
  • Payment in Lieu of Notice
  • MPF Scheme
  • Salaries Tax paid by Employer
  • Gain realized under share option scheme
  • Other Rewards, Allowances or Perquisites
  • Payments that will be made AFTER the employee has left employment
  • Total