IR56F Notice of Employee Cessation 2018 Form

IR56F (2018 Format) is under Taxation Menu and is visible only if the check-box option Enable IR56F 2018 Format (Old Format) in Taxation Module Setup is turned on.

IR56F is the Form to report to IRD for Employee cessation of Employment. Before doing IR56F, you must input the termination date and termination reason for the terminated employee in Employee Master.

Click the New button to add a IR56F record

Employees with the below criteria will be shown on the list.

Select the Employee(s) that you want to create IR56F record and then click the Proceed button.

After the Click the Proceed, system will accumate the taxable income from the payroll batches within the taxation year, the payroll batches are NOT NECESSARY posted .

The IR56F record(s) are created and are ready to adjust if any,

Click the Print Button to Print the IR56F.

IR56F Sample Output

Tax File No., Name, Designation are defined at Taxation Module Setup

Format according to IR56F Specifications from IRD (Apr 2018)

Starting from May 2019, a new requirement specification for form IR56F (May 2019) is required the employer to prepare the IR56F in XML format and upload to the Employer's Return e-Filing Services (ER e-Filing Services). See How to prepare IR56F

Employers can continue to submit the IR56F forms printed by IR56F Notice of Employee Cessation 2018 Form in HRPro under the Old Specification in hard copy until further notice.