How to prepare IR56F

This section provides an overview of IR56F: Notification by an employer of an employee who is about to cease to be employed in electronic format according to the new Specification that required by IRD (May 2019). The dat file prepared under that Requirement Specification can only be filed through the Employer's Return e-Filing Services ("ER e-Filing Services") inside eTax. Submission of the computerized printout or a storage device containing the data file is NOT accepted.

  1. Obtain written approval from IRD before you can file the IR56F in computerized format. Contact your HRPro Authorized Solution Provider for the arrangement.

  2. Define IRD Category of each pay type in Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type Tab.

  3. When Pay Type Table is turned on, define the IRD Category in Pay Type Table.

  4. Define your Tax File No., Name and Designation in Taxation Module Setup

  5. Define proper IRD Cessation Reason Category in Termination Reason

  6. Generate IR56F Batch (It is assumed IR56F Batch is generating monthly)

  7. Print IR56F checklist

  8. Print Taxable Income Report by IRD Category or Taxable Income Report by Pay Type

  9. IR56F Amendment (if any)

  10. Output IR56F Data File, upload to eTax. See How to upload "Notice of Employee Cessation IR56F" via Mixed Mode

  11. Print IR56F forms in IR56F Amendment (for the batch) and distribute to your resigned employees for information, see also IR56F Sample Output

  12. For any amendment (increase or decrease of the reported income) and correction of other information after submission, you can upload another batch with type of form Replacement to eTax

  13. If you have multiple employer per database, go to Step 6 and select another employer to generate a different IR56F batch

  14. When the whole cycle is completed, click the Protect button on the IR56F Amendment tool bar to protect (closed) the batch.

  15. If you have more than one employer in the database, go to to step 6 and select another employer.

Please note that according to IRD, the IR56F form should be submitted not later than 1 month before the date of cessation of employment of the employee.