Output IR56F Data File

Output IR56F Data File is under Taxation Menu.

Employers with approval using computerized format for IR56F should submit the Employer's Notification with the IR56F records in XML format to the IRD via the ER e-Filing Services (Online Mode and Mixed Mode) with a limit of 800 sets of IR56 forms in one data file in each transaction.

See How to upload "Notice of Employee Cessation IR56F" via Mixed Mode for instructions for the data file upload.

Computerized printout of forms IR56F will not be required to be forwarded to the Department although the employer should still provide each of his employees a hard copy of the IR56F Form.

Employers who have been granted approval to use Self-developed Software under the Requirement Specification should submit the IR56F data file to the Department through the ER e-Filing Services by one of the following modes of submission:-

(i) Online Mode

  • Authorized Signer* can complete the submission process of the IR56F data file online using his/her eTAX Password, MyGovHK Password or recognized personal digital certificate through the ER e-Filing Services.

(ii) Mixed Mode

  • Employers can designate a person to upload the IR56F data file via the ER e-Filing Services without logging in eTAX account.
  • After successful uploading of the data file, a paper Control List (with Transaction Reference Number and QR Code) will be generated from the system for employer’s printing.
  • The Authorized Signer is required to sign on each and every page of the Control List.
  • To complete the submission process, the duly signed paper Control List must be submitted to the Department in person or by post. Submission of the photocopy / facsimile / scanned copy of the Control List is not acceptable