Generate IR56F Batch

Generate IR56F Batch is under Taxation Menu.

This screen allows you to generate the IR56F Batch for employees that the termination date is already inputted and IR56F is not yet generated or wish to create batch for replacement.

IR56F Batch No. is a User Definable Key (up to 20 characters) to identity the IR56F batch, the default name is IR56Fyyyymm (where yyyymm is the current year and month)

Select each Employer to create different IR56F batches if you have multiple employer per database.

Select the Taxation Period, only the employees terminated within the taxation period will be inserted into the batch.

Type of Form

  • Original "O" - for form not previously filed for the employee concerned. e.g. First time submission.

  • Additional "A" - for reporting additional income of an employee that has not been included in the form previous submitted. e.g. Bonus

  • Replacement "R" - for correcting errors of the form previously submitted.

The IR56F tax sheets are conformed to the standards from the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. They would contain all the necessary information about your employee and the accumulated earnings over the taxation year.

Click the Start IR56F Generation to generate the IR56F records, the payroll batches within the taxation year are NOT NECESSARY protected and the employees meet below criteria will be selected to generate when the Employee dropdown list is "All Eligible".

    • Hong Kong Income Tax Taxable is checked at Employee Master, IR tab

    • Non-Employee for IR56M is not checked at Employee Master, IR tab

    • The Termination Date of the Employee is within the taxation year. If Accumulate IR56B/F/M by HKID turned on, all those employees with the same HKID that the termination date is within the taxation year.

    • The Employee's Employer is the selected Employer

    • The checkbox option IR56F/G Printed in Employee Master, IR tab is not checked

    • No IR56G or IR56F (2018 Format) record exists

    • Total Taxable Income greater than zero (if Allow create zero amount IR form even if payroll amount is zero in Taxation Module Setup is not turned on)

After that you can use the IR56F Amendment for any adjustment.

By default, IR56F accumulated per employee number per sheet unless the Accumulate IR56B/F/M by HKID is checked in Taxation Module Setup.

The IR56F form should be submitted not later than 1 month before the date of cessation of employment of the employee.

You can also select particular Employee for the Batch. If the Batch is already exists, the employee information will be inserted into the batch.