Employee Master

Use Employee Master to maintain the employee information.

In Master ⇒ Employee Master, click New [+] button to add a new Employee.

After clicking the Save and Continue button, most default values of Employee Master are come from the Employee Class given. You can define the default values on Default Salary tab, Default HR Info tab and Default Other Info tab in Employee Class.

For default values in EPortal tab, they are based on the values in last created employee.

Import Menu

Export Menu

You can Export Current Employee, Active Employees, Terminated Employees or All Employees information to Excel by clicking the pull down button next to the Export button.

Export Org Chart Data (General) is to produce an Excel Worksheet that is suitable to import into most major Org Chart programs including Microsoft Visio.

Export Org Chart Data (Organimi) is to produce Organization Chart that required by online chart maker Organimi. See Create an Organization Chart for how.

Export all Employee Photos (Email Address) will export all Employee Photos to a Zip File (Email Address as Photo File Name).

Export all Employee Photos (Employee No.) will export all Employee Photos to a Zip File (Employee No. as Photo File Name)

Print Menu

After creating the profile, you can print the documents you want as shown.