Create an Organization Chart

You can Export Org Chart Data from HRPro and import that to online chart maker OrganimišŸ”• to produce an Organization Chart (The hierarchy structure is determined by the Report To (Superior) in Employee Master, HR Info tab)

1. Highlight the Root Employee (e.g. the BOSS) from the Employee Master, select Export, Export Org Chart Data

2. Select Save when the csv file is generated

3. Login or Sign up a free or paid account at http://www.organimi.comšŸ”•

4. Create an Organization if you did not

5. Go to your Organization and select Import

6. Select Org Chart in b and select the csv file generated from step 2. Click Begin to import

7. Go to Org Charts and click the Org Chart Name to view the Org Chart

8. Done. You can upgrade to paid plans that gives you more functionality.

9. You can optionally Export all Employee Photos (Email Address) and import the Photos to Organimi using their Bulk Image importšŸ”•

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