Employee Master, HR Info tab

HR Info is under MasterEmployee Master.

HR Info tab is to defined the Human Resource Related information.

  • Join Date is the start date of the employee in this company.

  • Group Join Date is the first join date of the employee in group of companies, e.g. transferred from another company within group.

  • When the option Treat "Group Join Date" as "Annual Leave Entitlement Start Date" in Leave Module Setup, Annual Leave Tab is turned on, Group Join Date is the start date to calculate AL Entitlement (i.e. the years of service). If Group Join Date is empty, will use Join Date instead.

  • Termination Date is the last date of the employment.

  • Last Working Date is the last date of work.

  • Resignation Date is the date the employee resigned.

  • When Contract End Date is inputted and Leave Entitlement considers Contract End Date (in Leave Module Setup, General tab) is turned on, calculating the In-Advance Leave Entitlement (Annual Leave, Causal Leave, Full Pay Sick Leave) will based on the Contract End Date not the end of the Annual Leave Entitlement year.


  • Part Time Employee is just a reference field, there is no actual processing in HRPro.

  • If the EAO2007 Exemption (a.k.a 713 Exemption) is checked, the daily rate of the employee will use current month daily wage rather than the 12-months average wage even if the EAO2007 checkbox (Payroll Calculation is compliant with Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007) in Payroll Module Setup is checked.

  • When the check-box option Enable Attendance Record is not checked, no attendance record can be created.

  • If Enable Timesheet without Time Clock Info is turned on, Time Clock Info is not required for this employee's Attendance Records. To enable whole company Timesheet without Time Clock Info, turn on the option Timesheet without Time Clock Info in Attendance Module Setup.

  • If Allow Pay Slip by Email is not checked, No Pay Slip is generated when output to email is selected when printing Salary Pay Slip (See How to Email Pay Slip to Employee).

  • When Use Attendance Records for 418 Checking is checked, the button 418 Checking will use Attendance Records rather than Global Working Hours/Roster Table defined to perform the checking. See 418 Checking.

Work Hours based on


  • When the option MPF Commence Date considers Group Join Date in Payroll Module Setup, MPF Tab is turned on, MPF Commence Date will count starting from Group Join Date instead of Join Date.

  • EE Commerce on The date that the employee required to contribute by deducting his salary. Usually it is 30 + N days of employment (where N is the first incomplete payroll cycle) i.e. the salary before EE Commerce Date, no EE contribution required.

  • If MPF Trustee is leave blank, the MPF Trustee will be based on the MPF Trustee defined at Payroll Module Setup, MPF tab.

  • EE Join Scheme is the EE Commerce on but is user selectable by overwrite the calculated result.

  • ER Commerce on The date that the employer required to contribute by deducting the employee salary. Usually it is Join Date, or (ER Commerce Date is not user selectable but based on the above 4 rules).

  • MPF Account are required to select only if the MPF Account of the employee is different to the Default MPF Account defined in Payroll Module Setup, MPF tab. See Multiple MPF Accounts per company.

  • If the Make Employer/Employee Contributions starting from Join Date (e.g. after transferred from an associated company) is turned on, ER/EE Commence Date of this employee will started from the Join Date, and the first contributions period will be the payroll period that the 60th day of employment falls.

  • If Overseas Employee is checked, the MPF will count starting from 13 months after the Visa Start Date.