Leave Module Setup, General tab

Leave Module Setup in under System Manager ⇒  HRPro Setup, Leave Module Setup

When Enable Leave Module is turned off, Leave Processing on the menu is not available.

Leave Entry

If "Enable Leave Days Overwrite (Recommend No)" is turned on, the user can input or overwrite the number of leave days the system calculated.  It is good if the user does not wish to follow the number of days that the system calculated according to the employee's work schedule. However, if the user overwrites the Leave Days, the system will not be able to determine the exact dates that the employee will take leave.  (e.g. input 2 days in a date range of 3 days, HRPro does not know whether the employee's first two days are on leave or the last two days are on leave). 

When “Enable Leave by Whole Day + Half Day” is turned on, the following leave time options will be available in Leave Entry and Leave Application: “AM + Whole Day”, “AM + Whole Day + PM”, and “Whole Day + PM”.

For the usage of Leave Days should comply with Regular Fraction, see What is "Leave Days comply Regular Fraction"

If the option Return exact time when calculating leave days from time (otherwise, round up to hours) is turned off, Leave Day will always round up to the nearest hour. e.g. Leave from 09:00 to 09:24 for 0.4 hours, HRPro rounded it up to 1 hour, and the Leave Day becomes 1 ÷ 8 = 0.125 days. 

When the “Do not consider Schedule In/Out Time when calculating leave days from time” option is turned on, the number of days calculated is simply the time difference between the leave start and end times. Otherwise, Scheduled in/Out time will be considered, i.e., the leave time before the scheduled in time and after the scheduled out time will not be counted. 

If the “Enable 40 Weeks of Service Checking for Maternity/Paternity Leave” option is turned on, employees who have been employed under a continuous contract for less than 40 weeks immediately before the commencement of scheduled maternity/paternity leave will not be able to create a leave entry for it. 

If the “Treat ‘Group Join Date’ as ‘Leave Entitlement Start Date’” option is turned on, the Group Join Date in the Employee Master, HR Info Tab will be used as the start date to calculate all Leave Entitlements (e.g. Annual Leave, Full Pay Sick Leave, Statutory Sick Leave, etc) (i.e., for the years of service). If the Group Join Date is empty, the Join Date will be used instead. 

When Disallow Amends Leave Entry/Adjustment generated by Employee Portal is turned on, all the Leave Entries and Leave Adjustments created by Web Leave cannot be edited or deleted to ensure data integrity. 

If Enable Real-Time Validation in Leave Entry is turned on, then when creating a new Leave Entry screen, validation will be performed on every change without being required to press the Create button and the validation message will be displayed on the screen immediately. 

The “Maximum Number of past periods to display in Leave Entry” setting controls how many past periods are loaded into Leave Entry. If you have a large volume of Leave Entries, limiting the period can improve the loading performance of the Leave Entries.

Rest Day

"Rest Day Taken includes" is useful only for Continuous Contract Roster employees. As their Rest Day Balance is calculated from Rest Day Entitled + Rest Day Adjustment - Rest Day Taken. See Rest Day Balance Processing.

Compensation Leave

If "Com Leave Based on Hours (not days)" is turned on, all Compensation Leave processing is based on hours, i.e. How many hours balance, how many hours taken, etc. Please also note that there are no hours to day conversions when this option is turned on. 

When the "Compensation Leave Status Report started from the current year" is turned on, only compensation leave and adjustments for the current year will be shown on the report. Otherwise, all compensation leave and adjustments (starting from employment start date) will be shown on the report.

Roster Holiday

This option is for Roster Employees to define how their holidays are entitled. 

The option Roster Holiday includes will affect the calculation of

The recommended setting is Roster Table, in that case, Holiday counts the Shifts that are defined as Holiday Shift Type.

WebLeave Application

WebLeave Application Action is final. If unchecked and the Approval Workflow is by Level, the approval action in the WebLeave Application will be by level according to the workflow status of the application. Otherwise, the approval action is final for the WebLeave Application. (i.e. will approve or reject the application immediately). 

Disable Email Notification for WebLeave Application. If turned on, no email notification will be sent out when approving or rejecting the applications in the WebLeave Application.  

If Allow Mass Approval is turned on, Mass Approval is available in the WebLeave Application

Maximum Number of past periods to display in WebLeave Application. It controls how many past periods to load the WebLeave Application. If you have a large volume of Leave Applications, limiting the period can improve the loading performance of the Applications.  

Other Settings

Leave Entitlement considers Contract End Date. If turned on and Contract End Date is inputted into Employee Master, HR Info tab, calculating the In-Advance Leave Entitlement (Annual Leave, Casual Leave, Full Pay Sick Leave, etc) will be based on the Contract End Date, not the end of the Leave Entitlement year (e.g. Say assumed the Entitlement Class for first-year entitlement is 12, if the Contract Employee that the Contract End Date is 6 months after the join date, the number of days for Leave Entitlement become 6).  

Company Calendar shows Birthday. If turned on, the birthday of every employee will be shown on Web Client's Company Calendar.