Leave Module Setup, General tab

Leave Module Setup in under System ManagerHRPro Setup, Leave Module Setup

When Enable Leave Module is turned off, Leave Processing on the menu is not available.

Leave Entry

It is not recommend to turn on the Enable Leave Days Overwrite if attendance module is deployed, because if user overwrite the Leave Days, system will not know the exact dates that the employee is going to leave.

If Enable Leave by Whole Day + Half Day is turned on, AM + Whole Day, AM + Whole Day + PM and Whole Day + PM will be available as Leave Time in Leave Entry and Leave Application.

If Allow take leave even if Roster is not defined (for Roster Employees) is turned on, the shifts without shift code defined are assumed assign the Last Normal Day Shift of that employee.

When the option Treat "Group Join Date" as "Leave Entitlement Start Date" is turned on, Group Join Date in Employee Master, HR Info Tab is the start date to calculate all Leave Entitlements (i.e. the years of service). If Group Join Date is empty, will use Join Date instead.

When Disallow amend WebLeave generated Leave Entry/Adjustment is turned on, all the Leave Entries and Leave Adjustments created by Web Leave are unable to edit in order to ensure the data integrity.

Compensation Leave

When Compensation Leave Status Report started from current year is turned on, only compensation leave and adjustments for current year will be shown on the report. Otherwise, all compensation leave and adjustments (starting from employment) will be shown on the report.

You can set the Com Leave Entitlement Retention Days and Maximum Accumulated Compensation Leave Balance (0 for no limit) in Leave Entitlement Class.

Statutory Holiday

The option Statutory Holiday for Roster Employee includes will affect the calculation of

  • Whether it is working day or not in Leave Module

  • number of days of Holiday Pay and OT Pay (SH) in Payroll

  • Worked Hrs, OT SH (hrs), OT PH -SH (hrs) in Attendance Record

  • Statutory Holiday Balance Report

if the employee is Roster employee.

Other Settings

If Leave Entitlement considers Contract End Date is turned on and Contract End Date is inputted into Employee Master, HR Info tab, calculating the In-Advance Leave Entitlement (Annual Leave, Causal Leave, Full Pay Sick Leave, etc) will based on the Contract End Date not the end of the Leave Entitlement year (e.g. Say assumed the Entitlement Class for first year entitlement is 12, if the Contract Employee that the Contract End Date is 6 months after the join date, the number of days for Leave Entitlement become 6).

When the WebLeave Application Action is final is unchecked and the Approval Workflow is by Level, the approval action in the WebLeave Application will be by level according to the workflow status of the application. Otherwise, the approval action is final for the WebLeave Application. (i.e. will approve or reject the application immediately).

If Disable Email Notification for WebLeave Application is turned on, no email notification will be sent out when approve or reject the applications in WebLeave Application.