Overtime Compensation compensated by Leave Process

You can create Compensation Leave Entitlements for the employees from attendance record every month using Overtime Compensation by Leave Process. i.e. Overtime for 10 hours in 2018/11 will create 10 hours Compensation Leave Adjustment on 2018/12 to allow the employee to apply compensation leave.

This process is suitable for company that some of their Overtime Compensation is compensated by Leave and their compensation is released month by month and without required employee to apply the Overtime Compensation Application or Employee Portal is not installed.

The following conditions must be meet in order to enable this process.

Click the Create Compensation Leave Entitlements will create the Compensation Leave Adjustments of the Employees that the Enable Compensated by Leave of the employee's OT Type(s) is checked. Employee's OT Types are defined in Employee Master, Salary Info tab.

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