Attendance Management

  • Capture of attendance records by individual employee in the organisation using electronic time clock including Finger Scan, Smart Card, Proximity, Bar-code Strip, Magnetic Strip or Computer Data Input.

  • Base on the Global Working Hours or Roster Table to determine absent, late in, early out, over-time, late deduction etc.

  • Attendance records taken can be used in Payroll Module for overtime calculation or late deduction as well.

  • Generate various types of reports on employee time attendance data.


  1. Attendance Record

  2. Timesheet

  3. Attendance Enquiry

  4. Attendance Import

  5. Attendance Report Import

  6. Timesheet Report Import

  7. Attendance Update

  8. Overtime Compensation compensated by Leave Process

Attendance Reports

  1. Time Records

  2. Absent Report

  3. Attendance Report

  4. Attendance Report (Group by Employee)

  5. Attendance Summary Report (by Attendance Period)

  6. Attendance Summary Report (by Calendar Month)

  7. Early-out Report

  8. Late-in Report

  9. OT Pay Report

  10. Overtime Report

  11. Shortage Report

  12. Missed Swipe Report

  13. Attendance Report by Location

  14. Attendance Raw Data Report by Location