Attendance Enquiry

Attendance Enquiry is under Attendance.

Attendance Enquiry is an enquiry sheet to quickly inquire the attendance status in a given date range and/or employee.

You can use Quick Action to perform some common enquiry, quick actions are

  • On duty Now

  • On duty today

  • Late-In today

  • Early-Out today

  • Short today

  • Absent today

  • Missed-Swipe today

  • On Leave today

  • Overtime today

  • On duty yesterday

  • Late-In yesterday

  • Early-Out yesterday

  • Short yesterday

  • Absent yesterday

  • Missed-Swipe yesterday

  • On Leave yesterday

  • Overtime yesterday

Or you can use other drop-downs and check-boxes to build your own conditions.

On Duty = Not Absent and Not on Leave

On Duty Now = Work In Time is earlier than current time and there is no Work Out Time yet

No Shift = Shift Code not defined in Roster Table

Out of Sequence - The attendance times are not in sequence (e.g. Work Out Time earlier than Work In Time)