Attendance Update

Attendance Update is under Attendance.

If changes in leave, Global Working Hours Type or Roster Table are made after the attendance raw data is imported, but the attendance records cannot reflect the changes,  this function can help you to update the attendance record.

Click the Start Update button to update the Attendance Records for the period. 

Click the Delete existing Period Attendance Records in the database to delete the existing attendance records for the given period in the database to import again. 

When the option Attendance Update for unprotected payroll periods only in Attendance Module Setup is turned on, only the Attendance Records that the period is NOT within the periods of the protected payroll batches are allowed to perform Attendance Update to protect the existing records not being recalculated. 

When the option Allow amending Shift Code for individual Attendance Records in Attendance Module Setup is turned on, the shift codes in the attendance record will not be updated to protect the amended shift codes.