OT Type

OT Type is under Master.

OT Type is to define the Rate of the Overtime that different type of OT of the employee will be defined in Employee Master, Salary Info Tab.

You can use the User Defined Formula to defined the Rate Factor. Here are the examples

  • 150
  • [CurrentMonthHourlyRate]*1.5
  • [BasicSalary] / [DaysInMonth] / 8 * 1.5
  • [BasicSalary] * 13 / [DaysInYear] / 9 * 1.5

The unit of OT Rate can either per day or per hour. If it is per day, that means whenever there are 1 minutes Overtime on that day, will pay this Amount per day.

If the Overtime Compensation of the employee is preferred compensated by Compensation Leave, check the Enable Compensated by Leave and leave OT Rate Formula Blank. Then you can create the Compensation Leave Entitlements from Overtime Compensation compensated by Leave Process.