WebLeave Application

WebLeave Application is under Leave.

This is for HRPro user to inquire or approve the Webleave applications (including Leave Applications, Overtime Compensation Applications and Cancel Leave Requests) that the approvers have not yet approved. Usable only when Employee Portal is installed.

There is an option Maximum Number of past periods to display in the WebLeave Application in the Leave Module Setup, General tab, and WebLeave Application panel. It can control how many past periods to load them to WebLeave Application. If you have a large volume of Leave Applications, limiting the period can improve the loading performance of the Applications.   

To show the Approved/Rejected Applications, select Show Inactive

Approve WebLeave Application

For Pending Applications, the user can Approve or Reject the Application on behalf of the Approver. Depending on the option WebLeave Application Action is final (in Leave Module Setup, General tab, WebLeave Application panel).  If the option is unchecked and the Approval Workflow is by Level, the approval action in the WebLeave Application will be by level according to the workflow status of the application. Otherwise, the approval action is final for the WebLeave Application. (i.e. will approve or reject the application immediately). 

Email Notifications will be sent to the applicant if the option Disable Email Notification for WebLeave Application (in Leave Module Setup, General tab, WebLeave Application panel) is not turned on.

For Approved Application, user can Reject the Application on behalf of the Approver. System will delete the related Leave Entry accordingly.

For Rejected or Cancelled Application, no further action can be performed.

But the user can delete a rejected application by clicking the delete button (When Show Inactive is selected). Applications with a status other than Rejected cannot be deleted.

Mass Approval

If the option Allow Mass Approval is turned on (in Leave Module Setup, General tab), mass approval is available. 

Mass approval streamlines the process of approving applications. Here’s how it works:

By using mass approval, you can efficiently manage multiple applications without the need for individual approvals.