How to Email Pay Slip to Employee

1. Define the Email SMTP server for email delivery. See How to define Email Server

2. Define the Email Address of the Employee in Employee Master, Personal Info tab and Check the Allow Pay Slip by Email checkbox.

Sometimes you wish to define a Personal Email and use that Email to receive Pay Slip, then you can define the Personal Email and check the User Personal Email for Pay Slip check-box.

3. Go to Payroll ⇒ Payroll Reports ⇒ Salary Pay Slip, select the payroll period and Allow Email Pay Slip Equal Yes.

Select Output to Email and click Print will send Emails from the SMTP server you defined in step 1 to your employee

if the check-box option Email Attachment requires password is checked in Company Setup, General tab, the default password of the email attachment is the first 6 numeric digits of the HKID or first six characters of the employee's passport no. if HKID is empty.