Multiple MPF Accounts per company

1. Define the default MPF Account in Payroll Module Setup, MPF tab (which is for employees that do not defined anything in MPF Account in Employee Master, HR info tab)

2. The MPF Interface File Information is defined under MPF Account Master.

3. And define the additional MPF Account

4. And also define this additional MPF Account (other than the default) in Employee Master, HR Info tab for the employees belonging to this MPF Account.

5. Now you can select different MPF Account to generate different MPF Interface File in Generate MPF File

p.s. Say if the company have two HSBC Life Accounts for MPF contributions. You can create two new Account in MPF Account say HSBC1 and HSBC2 and make sure both FORMAT is inputted HSBC_LIFE. And assign HSBC1 and HSBC2 as the MPF Account Code to different employees in Employee Master, HR Info tab. Use the different MPF Account Name to distinguish different accounts.