Generate MPF File

Generate MPF File is under Payroll.

Generate MPF File is for submitting MPF File to MPF Trustee, you can click either the Start MPF/OSRO Interface File Generation if your company is already applied this service or you can click the Start MPF Excel File Generation (General) to generate a general Excel File for submission.

Sample MPF Excel File: MPF_2011110.xls

You can select different MPF Account if Multiple MPF Accounts per company is defined.

The order of the MPF Excel File (General) is depending on the option MPF Excel File (General) Order by Employee Name in Payroll Module Setup, MPF tab.

When MPF Plan No. Combo Box is displayed, it is indicated more than one Plan No. are inputted to the Employee Master. MPF Plan No. is for some MPF Trustees that support multiple Plans per company and require to separate the MPF output file for different plan.