How to import Employee information from Excel?

1. Prepare an Excel worksheet with the first column [EE_NO] and the rest columns are the fields you wish to update (Refer to the Import Fields for Employee Master). Sample Employee.xlsx⇩

(The import fields for Employee Master may be different for different HRPro versions. To get the full list of fields of Employee Master of your version in Excel, press the Export button to export a full list of fields that match your version.)

 2. Open the Employee Master, click the Import button, and select the Excel file to import.

This format contains the mandatory fields and will insert new employee (provided that the employee number did not exist in the system).

If the following fields are imported and it is not match with the original fields in the Emploee Master, a new appointment record will be produced and the start date will be the [START_DATE] column. If the [START_DATE] column is missing or empty, the start date will be the join date.

(because the system considers the employee is changing appointment)

 When import the Salary Increment for a group of employees, you can add the column [START_DATE] as the effective date of the Salary. e.g.

and these dates will be recorded in Appointment History

If the Auto Number is turned on in Company Setup, you can let HRPro assigns the Employee Number based on the Auto Employee Number.