Web API for Employee Master

The HRPro Web Service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for Employee Master allow you to query and maintain (Insert, Update, Delete) employee master record through JSON (web service).

After these APIs are installed and enabled, developers can use the APIs to

  • Extract HRPro employee information.

  • Synchronise Employee Information to other systems.

  • Allow real-time employee profile updates.

1. Get Employee Record(s)

POST: api/EmployeeAPI/EmployeeGet

This web service will read HRPro Employee Master for the whole list, a particular employee or one column or list of columns.

2. Insert Employee Record

POST api/EmployeeAPI/EmployeeInsert

This web service will insert an employee record.

3. Update Employee Record

PUT /api/EmployeeAPI/EmployeeUpdate

This web service can update an employee record.

3. Delete Employee Record

DELETE: api/EmployeeAPI/EmployeeDelete

This web service will delete an employee that is possible to delete.


  • The database to update is the data source defined in HRPro.Config if Database property is not provided.

  • See Import Fields for Employee Master to see the list of columns of Employee Master.

  • The response status code is either 400 (bad request), 401 (Unauthorized), or 404 (Not Found) for any exception and the error description is on the Reason-Phrase.

  • The followings are some languages/environments that support Web API: C, C#, cURL, Go, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, NodeJs, Objective-C, OCaml, PHP, PowerShell, Python, Shell, Swift, VB.Net, VBScript.

  • To enable Employee Master API, please defined enableEmployeeWebAPI to true in HRPro.config.