HRPro.config Settings

Starting at 14.02, HRPro Web Client have it own config file (HRPro.config) that stored the site specific information (SQL Server connection info and smtp server settings or may be others). Web Client now read the settings in HRPro.config first before looking into Web.Config. So HRPro.config will be a static file storing customer information that stay on customer site and the settings in Web.config will be ignored.

Minimal HRPro.config settings

<appSettings> <add key="data source" value="NUTECH-OFFICE\HRPRO2021"/> <add key="initial catalog" value="dbHRPro"/> <add key="user id" value="sa"/> <add key="password" value="Password"/></appSettings>

data source - the SQL server instance name (If you prefered using IP address as data source, please use the syntax something like that

<add key="data source" value="tcp:,1433"/>)

initial catalog - the HRPro Application database name

user id - the SQL server User ID

password - the SQL server password for user id (see How to enable SQL Server Password Encryption in order to encrypt the password)

Completed HRPro.config settings

<appSettings> <add key="data source" value="NUTECH-OFFICE\HRPRO2021"/> <add key="initial catalog" value="dbHRPro"/> <add key="user id" value="sa"/> <add key="password" value="Password"/> <add key="smtp from" value=""/> <add key="smtp from name" value="HR Department"/> <add key="smtp network host" value=""/> <add key="smtp network port" value="587"/> <add key="smtp userName" value=""/> <add key="smtp password" value="Password"/> <add key="smtp enableSsl" value="true"/> <add key="smtp CCToSender" value="0"/> <add key="smtp BCCToSender" value="0"/> <add key="MaxUploadFileSize" value="41943040"/> <add key="LongDateFormat" value="d MMMM, yyyy"/> <add key="EventLogMaximumRecords" value="10000"/> <add key="dbConnectionTimeout" value="15"/> <add key="dbCommandTimeout" value="600"/> <add key="GeneralExcelSingleDateTimeIOMode" value="99"/> <add key="GeneralExcelCustomDateFormat" value="yyyy-MM-dd dddd"/> <add key="CompanyLogoLocation" value=""/> <add key="dbHRPro CompanyLogoLocation" value=""/> <add key="IsGridDisplayDeleteConfirmation" value="false"/> <add key="IsSingleCompanyLogin" value="false"/> <add key="output to ppt" value="false"/> <add key="PLRPS Order By" value="[Batch No.vr_PLRPE.BATCH_NO], [Name.vr_PLRPE.EE_NAME]"/> <add key="PasswordPolicy" value="8LUDS" /> <add key="PLFEE_PHOTO_Width" value="1292000"/> <add key="PLFEE_PHOTO_Height" value="1723000"/> <add key="ReportPreviewShowSaveButton" value="false"/> <add key="PDFReportUseFontFile" value="false"/> <add key="LoginNotificationSubject" value="HRPro Login Notification"/> <add key="LoginNotificationHeading" value="Dear [EE_NAME],"/> <add key="LoginNotificationStyle" value="&lt;style type='text/css'>body {font-size: large;font-family: 'Segoe UI', Roboto, 'Helvetica Neue', Arial;}&lt;/style>"/> <add key="LoginNotificationContent1" value="You have successfully logged in to HRPro on [LOGIN_TIME]."/> <add key="LoginNotificationContent2" value="You're getting this email to make sure it was you."/> <add key="LoginNotificationClosing" value="HRPro Online Security"/> <add key="MandatoryBackgroundColor" value="#F3E5AB"/> <add key="smtp send wait" value="0"/> <add key="EnableGenerateBOCIPrudentialMPFExcelFile" value="false" /> <add key="EnableLeavePayCutOffDate" value="false" /> <add key="EmailNotificationStyle" value="&lt;style type='text/css'&gt;table {font-size: small;font-family: Verdana, Arial;} p {font-size: small;font-family: Verdana, Arial}&lt;/style&gt;"/> <add key="EmailSubjectPrefix" value="EPortal: " /> <add key="IsShow4DecimalPlaceForCostCentreReports" value="false" /> <add key="enableAttendanceImportWebAPI" value="false" /> <add key="enableEmployeeWebAPI" value="false" /></appSettings>

The completed HRPro.config settings of your version can be found in HRPro.full.config inside the App_Data folder of your web site.

You can only put the keys you required into HRPro.config. If the key is missing in HRPro.config, system will use it default setting.

If IsSingleCompanyLogin is set to true, the company selection combo box during login will be disabled.

If PDFReportUseFontFile is set to true, it supported to export PDF with Chinese Characters normally without requiring install Arial Unicode MS to the Server. See Why all Chinese Characters on the PDF report displayed as rectangular box in HRPro Web Client/EPortal?

For database specific settings, you can put the database name in front of the Key and separated with a space, e.g

<add key="dbHRPro CompanyLogoLocation" ...>

LoginNotificationSubject, LoginNotificationHeading, LoginNotificationStyle, LoginNotificationContent1, LoginNotificationContent2, LoginNotificationClosing are for the Login Notification Email when Enable Login Email Notification in Personal Options is turned on

The smtp send wait is to define the delay (in second) when emailing documents (e.g. Pay Slip) between each email. This setting is to overcome the throttling limitation of some SMTP servers when submitting message.

You may have permission issue when you save the edited HRPro.config using Notepad. You can either

    • Save to desktop and copy back to the original location

    • Search Notepad, right click and select run as administrator and then open the file using the file open dialog.