Why all Chinese Characters on the PDF report displayed as rectangular box in HRPro Web Client/EPortal?


When a PDF report contains Chinese characters, Chinese characters displayed as rectangular box.


The web server did not have Arial Unicode MS font that the report components required to rendering the Chinese characters.


Install Arial Unicode MS to the server. or Upgrade to HRPro 15.11 or above

Arial Unicode MS font usually come with Microsoft Office.

You can either

  1. Install Microsoft Office at the Server, or
  2. Install the Arial Unicode MS font to the Server by copying the ARIALUNI.TTF true type font (inside the fonts sub folder in the HRPro Web Client Web Site folder) to c:\Windows\Fonts. Reboot the server, or
  3. Add the key <add key="PDFReportUseFontFile" value="true"/> to HRPro.config or EPortal.config support Chinese Characters PDF Export without required installing Arial Unicode MS to the Server.