How to enable SQL Server Password Encryption

To enable SQL Server Password Encryption, create or edit the HRPro.config in the root folder of your web site.

Make sure

    • the lines with key "data source", "initial catalog" and "user id" are exists and correct

    • the line with the key "password" is removed

Also make sure

    • the data source, initial catalog and password in the connectionStrings in Web.config are exists but not valid values.

Then navigate your Web Client URL will redirect you to this screen to allow you to input the password

Input the correct password of the User ID of your SQL Server.

If Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server is not granted,

  • A copy of HRPro.config will encrypted password is created to App_Data sub folder insides the Web Site folder. You can copy the HRPro.config from this location to the original location.

If Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server is granted,

  • Click the button Save will redirect you to the login screen if the password is correct.

  • System will encrypt your password and created a line with key "password encrypted" that saved to your HRPro.config.

Similar procedure can be performed on EPortal.config for Employee Portal or you can copied the "password encrypted" from HRPro.config to EPortal.config.