Bank Autopay System that HRPro currently supported

Currently, HRPro can interface with the autopay system for the following banks in Hong Kong:

    1. Bank of America (EFD)

    2. Bank of China BOC (Payroll Editor)

    3. Bank of China BOC (PRL(PC-WIN))

    4. Bank of China Macau

    5. Bank of Communications 1

    6. The Bank of East Asia BEA (ECP)

    7. The Bank of East Asia BEA (MAS) 1

    8. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group MUFG (AutoCheque) 1

    9. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group MUFG (FPS)

    10. BNP Paribas (Connexis)

    11. Chong Hing

    12. CitiBank (CitiDirect)

    13. CitiBank (CSV)

    14. Dah Sing (Direct Payroll)

    15. DBS Bank (AutoCash)

    16. DBS Bank (IDEAL) 1

    17. Hang Seng Bank (MRI)

    18. Hang Seng Bank (MRI2)

    19. Hang Seng Bank (MRI3)

    20. Hang Seng Bank HKMRI (FPS)

    21. HSBC (MRI)

    22. HSBC (MRI2)

    23. HSBC (MRI3)

    24. HSBC (e-Gateway)

    25. HSBC HKMRI (via HSBCnet)

    26. HSBC HKMRI (FPS)

    27. HSBCnet iFile 1

    28. HSBC Low Value Payment XML 1

    29. ICBC (DFT)

    30. Nanyang Commercial Bank (Payroll Editor DAT File)

    31. The Shanghai Commercial Bank (SCB Payment)

    32. Standard Chartered (DGP)

    33. Standard Chartered (S2B)

    34. Standard Chartered (Excel)

    35. United Overseas Bank (UOB - FPS) 1

    36. Wing Hang (MAS)

    37. Wing Lung Bank (APCSTTX.TRN)

    38. Wing Lung (C+Express Payroll Services)

Interface to autopay system of other banks (which are not listed above) could be made upon request.

1 Not available on Desktop Client