Generate Payroll Auto-pay File

Generate Payroll Auto-Pay File is under Payroll.

Generate Payroll Auto-pay File is for bank auto-payment. You may, optionally, alter the autopay File Filename, pay reference and the pay date in the corresponding fields. The system would generate a printed (or on-screen) report as well as an ASCII file in the local PC. You may then send this report and file to your banker for auto-pay orders.

You can optionally generate payroll auto-pay file by Autopay class as well as Salary Pay Date. By default, Autopay Class is All and Salary Pay Date is All (disregard the Salary Pay Date).

The purpose of Salary Pay Date Selection is for the company that their terminated employees are paid by auto-pay payment.

Different Autopay Classes can have different Auto-pay Bank Information, the main Auto-pay Bank Information is defined in Payroll Module Setup, the Auto-pay Bank Information by Autopay Class is defined in Autopay Class

A warning message alerts you that you may have to encode the report before sending to banks. For example, auto-pay orders to Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank should be pre-processed by the associated bank program. The bank program would read the Auto-pay Transfer File and encrypt the data therein.

If the check-box option Allow generate autopay and MPF file only after payroll batch is posted in Payroll Module Setup, Payroll tab, Default Panel is checked, only posted payroll batches are allowed to select to make sure the Autopay File is come from a confirmed unalterable payroll batch.