Caution when Payroll considers Appointment History is turned on

The option Payroll Consider Appointment History in Payroll Module Setup, Payroll tab considered the  Salary by, Salary and Allowances defined in Appointment History all the time (based on payroll period). i.e. Payroll generation will NOT consider the Salary and  Allowances defined in the Salary Info tab but the corresponding Salary and Allowances in the Appointment History tab in Employee Master, Appointment history tab.

You can run the Salary Info SI vs Appointment History AH Integrity Check in (System Manager ⇒ Integrity Check)  to check the correctness of Appointment History. 

Otherwise, turning it off will let the Payroll Generation generate payroll based on the Salary defined in the Salary Info tab. 

If the integrity check returns the mismatches, please update the Appointment History of those employees before generating Payroll Batch.