How to import Leave Adjustment from Excel File?

1. Prepare an Excel Spreadsheet with the following format with exact column order.


[EE_NO] - Employee No.

[ADJ_DATE] - Adjustment Date

[DAYS] - positive for leave increment, negative for leave deduction

[NATURE] -     BA for Birthday Leave Adjustment                     

                        EA for Casual Leave Adjustment

                        H for Full Pay Sick Leave Adjustment

                        J for Annual Leave Adjustment 

                        K for Compensation Leave Adjustment

                        KO for OT Compensation Leave Adjustment

                        L for Additional Annual Leave Adjustment 

                        MA for Maternity/Paternity Leave Adjustment

                        OA for Others (Full Pay) Adjustment

                        Q for Sick Leave (Statutory) Adjustment

                        WA for Working Day Leave (Full Pay) Adjustment

                        X for Statutory Holiday Adjustment

                        Y for Rest Day (Full Pay) Adjustment                      

[REMARKS] - maximum number of characters is 4000

2. Save the worksheet as Excel File

3. In HRPro, go to Leave -> Leave Adjustment, click the Import Button and locate the file you save in step 2. 

4. The Leave Adjustment Records are imported.

Sample Input File: 6.LeaveAdjustment.xlsx⇩