What is "Compensation Leave requires OT Information"

A special Leave Type is designed for Webleave leave application that require user to input OT information during leave application. When this leave application is approved, a compensation leave entry as well as a compensation leave adjustment is created at the same time.

Set up

Create a new leave type (or modify an existing compensation leave type) with WebLeave Require OT Information checked and Nature: Compensation Leave

Defined the Maximum Days to apply OT Leave after OT (Default 30 days) in Employee Portal Setup

Apply Leave

In Webleave, when selecting the defined Leave Type, the OT From/On/To row will be displayed.

The following validations are performed when user click Apply button.

    • Invalid OT From Date
    • OT From date cannot greater than OT To date
    • OT From/To Date not match with Leave From/To Date
    • The OT Dates are conflict with other Application
    • The Leave From Date cannot more than OT From Date + [30]

Approve Leave

The OT From/To is displayed on the Approve Leave Application Leave Screen

When the approver click Submit

In Employee Master, Leave History