What is a "Time CLOCK Correction Request"

Time Clock Correction Request is for an employee to apply for an update of attendance record if sometimes the employee forgets to swipe card or any special condition of late arrival or early out. The approver(s) can receive an email for approval to such a change request of the attendance record. After the request is approved, HRPro will update the actual attendance record accordingly. 

There are four kinds of Time Clock Correction Requests,


Define a special Leave Type for Time Clock Correction Request. The recommended settings are,

In Employee Portal, Select the Leave Type to apply, the original time in Attendance Record will be displayed.

Select the desired time to correct (both or either one is accepted) and click Apply button.

Approver(s) will receive this email notice for approval.

Approver log in Employee Portal and approved (or rejected) this request.

Attendance Record is updated.