What is Mid-Month Payroll Batch Processing

Mid-Month Payroll Batch is an additional batch issue during the middle of the month, it is used for commissions or mid-month payments where the company is not only issuing one payroll payment per month. (The concept is the company prepays the payment to the employee during mid-month, and the MPF is calculated based on accumulated payment at month end payroll batch).


To turn on Mid-Month Payroll Batch, go to System Manager ⇒ Maintenance ⇒ HRPro Setup, Payroll Module Setup, Mid-Month Payroll tab.

Click on the Enable Mid-Month Payroll Batch.

Click the Save button to save the setting, you must log off and log in HRPro again in order to view the menu items for the Mid-Month Payroll Management.


The payroll cycle for Mid-Month Payroll Processing is almost the same as the normal payroll batch.

i.e. Generate Mid-Month Payroll Batch for the month, Mid-Month Payroll Amendment, Print Mid-Month Payroll Details Report, Print Salary Pay Slip, print Payroll Cheque, and protect the Mid-Month Payroll Batch.

You must protect the Mid-Month Payroll Batch before generating the normal payroll batch.

After Mid-Month Payroll Batch is protected, the payroll records with all zero amounts will be deleted.

After you generate the normal payroll batch, two new columns are added. The Whole Month Net Pay, Mid-Month Net Pay.

And in the individual payroll amendment screen.

And the Salary Pay Slip.

The leave pays, MPF Contributions etc are still using the Whole Month's Net Pay.

Other operations e.g. Taxation, Leave, Reporting etc are not affected by the Mid-Month payroll batch processing.