What's new in HRPro 8.2?

We are constantly working on improving HRPro. Here you will find a list of new features in HRPro's updates.

HRPro 8.2

    • Added: New Document: How HRPro supports Minimum Wage Ordinance?
    • Added: New Report: Hourly Wage Report
    • Added: Approved Leave, Future Adjustment and Future Balance in Leave History Tab of Employee Master
    • Added: Checkbox Option Annual Leave treated as (Half Day/Full Day) in Shift Code Maintenance
    • Changed: Renamed the term Public Holiday to Holiday
    • Added: Calculate Rest Day Pay, Lunch Break Pay in Hourly Wage Report and Below Minimum Wage Report
    • Added: New Leave Nature: Rest Day (Full Pay)
    • Added: Copy All to Excel in Right Click Menu - as a shortcut to Select All + Copy to Excel
    • Added: Leave by Time in Employee Portal
    • Changed: Renamed the term Leave Approval to Leave Application
    • Added: Option Enable Superior view Subordinate Leave History/Subordinate Attendance Record for Employee Portal
    • Changed: Rewrite Date Picker in Apply Leave for Employee Portal
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Client under warranty period or covered by a Maintenance and Support Plan is entitled free upgrade, please contact HRPro Support Team by email support@nutech.com.hk for upgrade arrangement