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How to determine OT Pay and OT Hours?

Type of OT Pay
There are eight types of O.T. Pay Type in a Payroll Record
    1. O.T. (Workday) - define the O.T. Type after office hours (integrated with attendance module)
    2. O.T. (Rest day) - defined the O.T. Type for Rest Days (and Off Days for Roster Employees) (Sunday/Holiday except Saturday, etc) (integrated with attendance module)
    3. O.T. (Saturday) - defined the O.T. Type for Rest Days that is Saturday (integrated with attendance module)
    4. O.T. (SH)defined the O.T.  Type for Statutory Holiday (integrated with attendance module)
    5. O.T. (PH -SH) defined the O.T. Type for Public Holiday that is not Statutory Holiday (integrated with attendance module)
    6. O.T. (Call Back) - defined the O.T. Type for Call Back Over-Time  (integrated with attendance module)
    7. O.T. Type 7 - no integration with attendance module unless Different OT Rates for different Shifts is defined
    8. O.T. Type 8 - no integration with attendance module unless Different OT Rates for different Shifts is defined
You can define the description of O.T. Type 7 and 8 in Payroll Module SetupPay Type Tab.

The O.T. Rate of different O.T. Pay Type are predefined in OT Type and different OT Types are assign to employee in Employee Master, Salary Info tab.

OT Pay Formula
In general,
OT Pay = OT Rate (either Hourly or Daily) x No. of Hours (or Days)

OT Rate can be a fixed rate or User-Defined Formula and is defined in OT Type

Number of OT Hours (or Days) is determined from
    1. The corresponding OT Hours (e.g. Workday, Rest day, Saturday, etc.) in Attendance Records for the attendance period if Enable Attendance Data for OT Pay Calculation for Month-End Payroll Batch or Enable Attendance Data for OT Pay Calculation for Mid-Month Payroll Batch in Attendance Module Setup is turned on
    2. The total number of OT Hours (days) in approved Overtime Compensation Applications for the corresponding attendance period provided that Allow Overtime Compensation compensated by OT Pay in Employee Portal Setup, Overtime Compensation tab is turned on and Disallow Overtime Compensation compensated by Compensation Leave of the employee in Employee Master, EPortal tab is turned off 
You may need to select one of the above options to determine whether Number of OT Hours (Days) is come from Attendance Records or from Approved OT Compensation Applications.

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