Sickness Day falls on Annual Leave or Statutory Holiday

According to A Concise Guide to the Employment Ordinance - Chapter 5

Eligibility for Sickness Allowance

Which implied the employee is entitled to holiday pay even if the sick leave is taken. 

In HRPro, the 1-day statutory holiday is excluded from the sick leave period when calculating Leave Days. And this one-day holiday is included in the Holiday Pay item on the Payroll. 

So the Sickness Allowance is 4/5 of the past 12 months' average wages and Holiday Pay is 100% of the past 12 months' average wages.

This behavior can be overwritten if the option Statutory Sick Leave Days include Statutory Holiday (Recommend No) is turned on in Leave Module Setup, Sick Leave tab.

p.s. However, this eligibility does not apply to Maternity Leave.

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