What is Leave Year "Entitled and Released at Calendar Year"?

In Leave Entitlement Class, there is an option to define the Leave Year as Entitled and Released at Calendar Year

When Employees belong to this Entitlement Class, they will have common leave year starting from January 1 of each year.

The employee's first entitlement is on Dec 31 of the employment start date and is prorated based on the Entitlement (days) defined in Annual Leave Entitlement.


Common leave year: 2007/01/01 to 2007/12/31

Commencement date of employment: 2007/09/01

Pro Rata Annual Leave: 122 / 365 x 7 = 2.34 days (round up to 3 days)

Where 122 is the number of days between 2007/09/01 to 2007/12/31

The employee AL entitlement at 2008/01/01 is 3 days.

Reference: A Concise Guide to the Employment Ordinance Chapter 4: Rest Days, Holidays and Leave