Self Review

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Appraisees (Self)  can find their Appraisals to self-review from this Appraisal Review List (if the Appraisal Template is turned on Enable Self Review Workflow).

Click the Self Review button to self-review the Appraisals that the status is In Self Review

Click the Save button if you wish to save the existing Appraisal if the Ratings or Comments are not yet completed. 

Click the Release to Reviewer button if the Ratings and Comments are completed and ready for Appraisal Review.  After being released to the Reviewer, the Appraisal is unable to be edited anymore. 

Overall Self Rating Formula

Total Score = 5 x Weights x Number of Appraisal Item (e.g. 10 Appraisal Items and all Weights are defined as 1, Total Score become 50)

Score of each Factor = Self Rating (Excellent = 5, Good = 4, Satisfactory = 3, Fair = 2, Poor = 1) x Weights of that Appraisal Item.  (e.g. all 10 Appraisal Items are Good and all Weights are defined as 1, Sum of the Score of each Factor = 4 x 10 x 1 = 40)

Overall Self Rating = Sum of the Score of each Factor / Total Score x 100%  (e.g. 40 / 50 = 80%) 

The Weights defined in the Appraisal Template will affect the weighting of this Appraisal Item to calculate the Overall Rating. The higher the value of the Weights, the higher the importance of this Appraisal Item. (See Overall Rating Formula in Appraisal Review)

When Allow N/A Rating is checked when defining the Appraisal Template, an additional option (other than Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Fair, Poor) N/A will be available on the Appraisal form for this Appraisal Item. If the reviewer selected N/A for this Appraisal Item, the Ratings of this Appraisal Item will not be counted in the Overall Rating. 

p.s. To enable Self Review in Employee Portal, check the Enable Self Review in Employee Portal Setup, Appraisal tab

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