Appraisal Batch

After the Appraisal Batch is generated, the status of the Appraisal Records are Pending.

HR User can optionally

    • Assign or change the Reviewer

    • Update the Deadline of Submission

    • Input Goal and Objective for particular Appraisal Form

by clicking the green Edit button to Edit the Appraisal before releasing the Appraisals to the reviewers.

After verification, HR User can click the Blue Release All button to release all pending Appraisals to Reviewers or click the orange Release button to release a particular Appraisal to Reviewer.

After the Appraisal is release, depending on the option Enable Self Review Workflow, the status of the Appraisal is changed to In Self Review or Released to Reviewer, and Appraisee or Reviewer is able to login Employee Portal using Appraisal Review to review the appraisal.

Next Step: Self Review or Appraisal Review in Employee Portal