Generate Appraisal Batch

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Generate Appraisal Batch is under Appraisal.

You use the Generate Appraisal Batch to select employees and create Appraisal Forms for a group or for an individual.

Input a new Appraisal Batch No. to create a new Appraisal Batch (e.g. PA2019 for Performance Appraisal Cycle for the year 2019). If you input an existing Appraisal Batch No., the existing Appraisal Forms that have not been released will be overwritten, or the new Appraisal Forms will be appended into the existing Appraisal Batch No.

The performance factors of the Appraisal Form of the employees will be based on the Appraisal Template selected.

Appraisal Period is the period of the appraisal covered.

Submission Deadline is the date by which the performance appraisal must be completed.

From the Select Appraisees section, select the dropdown list options Employee, Employee Class, Department, Division, Work location and Report to (Superior) to select employees for the Appraisal Forms in the Appraisal Batch if you wish to include only a group of employees or for an individual. (e.g. Appraisals for particular department, Appraisals for paricaular superior, etc)

From the Assign Reviewers section, you must provide the Reviewer for the employees in this Appraisal Batch, the default Reviewer is populated from the selected Appraisal Template. However, you can override the default Reviewer before generating Appraisal Batch. The available options are

    1. Report To (Superior)

    2. Approver 1

    3. Approver 2

    4. Approver 3

    5. Approver 4

    6. Approver 5

    7. Self

    8. Department Manager

    9. Departmental Peers

    10. Division Manager

    11. Divisional Peers

    12. Direct Subordinates

    13. Subordinates

    14. Determine Later

    15. Select Multiple...

If Select Multiple... is selected, selected employees will be assigned as the reviewers for the selected appraisees.

If you wish to exclude the employees that did not defined Reviewer, check the Excluded Empty Reviewer check-box.

Click Start Appraisal Generation button to generate the Appraisal Forms for the Appraisal Batch.

You can find the generated Appraisal Forms from the Appraisal Batch.

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