Long Service/Severance Payment Report

Long Service/Severance Payment Report is under Master ⇒ Master Reports.

This report is for reporting the long service/severance payment liable to the employer as at a certain date.

The calculation of LSP/SP is a rough estimation for regular pay employees. Due to the complicity of LSP/SP for different type of employees, user should use the data for reference only.

Reference: A Concise Guide to the Employment Ordinance Chapter 11: Severance Payment and Long Service Payment (PDF)

Join Date is Group Join Date if Group Join Date defined, otherwise, use Join Date

Last Salary is the sum of the full pay wage items (No Pay Deduction, Sickness Allowance, Maternity/Paternity Allowance must count as full pay wages) of the last complete service month.

For example, monthly salary is $30,000, the employee took 2 day AL, 3 day SL & 1 day no pay leave. Then the wages of November is

In this case, the wages of last month for LSP/SP. SL & no pay leave should use the full pay wages, then the 3 SL day wages is $1000 x 3 and no pay leave cannot deduct the wages. Final wages is (Salary + AL Pay + full pay wages of SL) = $25000 + 2260 + 3000 = $30260.

Last 12 Months Average Salary is the Average Monthly Wage of the past 12 months.

You can input the LSP/SP amount into the standard Pay Type Long Service Payment/Severance Payment in the final payment of the employee payroll batch if the pay type Long Service Payment/Severance Payment in Payroll Module Setup, Pay Type tab is checked visible after verification.

Report Columns

    • Employee No
    • Employee Name
    • Department
    • Division
    • Work Location
    • Salary by
    • Join Date
    • As of
    • Months of Service
    • Years of Service
    • Last Salary
    • Last Eligible Salary
    • LSP Amount
    • SP Amount
    • Last 12 Months Average Salary
    • Last 12 Months Average Eligible Salary
    • LSP Amount for Average Eligible Salary
    • SP Amount for Average Eligible Salary

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