Database Maintenance

Database Maintenance is under System Manager.

Create new Database

Input Company Code, Company Name and then click the Create [+] button to create a new company (database)

If the check-box Copy Master Files (Except Employee Master) and Settings from this Company to New Company is checked, all Master Files (e.g Global Working Hours, Leave Entitlement Class, etc) except Employee Master will copy to the new database.

The maximum length for Company Code is 10 and the maximum length for Company Name is 100.

p.s. The database name of the Application Database in the SQL Server will be "db"+Company Code, e.g. dbABC

Delete an existing Database

To delete an existing database, highlight the row that you wish to delete and click the Delete [-] button.

(Warning! deleting a database will delete all the information and recovery is only possible by restoring database backup)

Copy an existing Database to a new Database

To copy the an existing database with all data to a new database, highlight the row that you wish to copy from and click the Copy [📰] button. Follow the on screen instructions.