Output IR56B Data File (2018 Format)

Output IR56B Data File (2018 Format) is under Taxation Menu.

Employers with approval using computerized format for IR56B should submit the Annual Employer's Returns with the IR56B records in soft copy to the IRD via the following two submission mode:

1) Generate XML File to upload to eTax (Completion of Employer's Return)

Employer with less than 800 IR56B records can upload the IR56B records (in XML format) to the department (e-Filing).

For cases with more than or equal to 800 IR56B records, deliver the XML file by a removable storage device (i.e. diskette, CD/DVD or USB) is required.

2) Save the Text File in a removable storage media and deliver it to IRD Office

By generate a (Fixed Data Field Length layout) text file and physical delivery to the Inland Revenue Department.

Click the Print Control List button to print the Control List (2018 Format)

See How to upload "Completion of Employer's Return IR56B" via Mixed Mode for instructions for the data file upload.

Hard copies of forms IR56B will not be required to be forwarded to the Department although the employer should still provide each of his employees a hard copy of the IR56B Form.