Grant Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server

Some kind of functions in HRPro required Advance Access Rights for Internet Information Server, eg.

You may need to

1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

2. Select the HRPro Website for which you need to modify permissions

3. Go to Basic Settings and see which application pool you're using. Usually it is named DefaultAppPool

4. Go to Application pools and find application pool from #3

5. Right click the application pool and select Advance Settings...

6. Change the Identity from ApplicationPoolIdentity to LocalSystem.

7. Click OK to continue.

8. Done

Disclaimer: There is a security risk if you select LocalSystem as the Application Pool Identity as Local Systems account has all user rights, and it is part of the Administrators group on the Web server. It is preferable to create a custom user account with proper access rights as the Application Pool Identity.