HRPro Brief Installation Procedure

HRPro is usually performed by our Technical Support Personnel and included as a service during our implementation service. However, if end users with IT knowledge wish to install by themselves, the followings are the brief procedure:

1) Install Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (skip if you already have MS SQL Server installed)

     (e.g. ENU\x64\SQLEXPRWT_x64_ENU.exe for 64bit English Windows with Tools)

     See HRPro System Requirements

     If you wish to install SQL Server 2019, see: How to install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express Edition for HRPro

2) Copy all files (including sub-folders) in your HRPro Setup Package to your new server at C:\HRPro (or any other location)

3) Restore dbHRPro and dbSystem on the SQL server

(dbHRPro is the application database of the HRPro demo company, and dbSystem is the System Database that registered the application databases and contains user and group security and access rights information).

4) Configure the server to enable TCP/IP connection.

5) The server setup is finished.

6) Then you can install Employee Portal and the Web Application Server and Employee Portal

We also provide on-site service for further assistance. Contact us for details.