Clockgogo Time Card Data Synchronization

Clockgogo ( is a cloud-based attendance tracking system that managed clock-in records by face recognition, GPS and smartphone. HRPro can synchronize the time card data to HRPro's attendance records in a predefined interval.

To enable Clockgogo Time Card Data Synchronization,

1. Select 39. Web Service (Clockgogo) as File Format and input the Develop ID and Develop Key provided by Clockgogo. Included Days before is the number of days you wish to synchronize from Clockgogo to HRPro. e.g. 7 means included the last 7 days' attendance data on very synchronization.

2. Define a Business Alert Job in System Manager > Business Alert. Select "Web Service" as Job Type.

3. Input the URL of HRPro's Web Service to download clockgogo timesheet data. e.g.

(replace with your HRPro web site URL)

4. Input the Recipients (Optional) that will notify the recipients whenever an error is encountered (e.g. Clockgogo server is down).

5. Define the Job run Schedule.

6. Click Save. Done

Please input the Clockgogo's Employee ID as Badge Number in Employee Master and the field mappings are as follows: